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RP90 - Vegan RICE Protein 1kg
RP90 - Vegan RICE Protein 1kg
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RP90 - Vegan RICE Protein 1kg

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PUNISH RP90 1kg 


Rice protein Made from 100% organic vegan hypoallergenic brown sprouted rice.


  • Gluten Free Australian Standards >3ppm
  • Non Dairy
  • Complete protein
  • 18 Amino acids including 9 Essential
  • Low Carb
  • High Protein
  • Low Fat
  • Natural Flavours
  • Natural Sweeteners

Why buy RP90?

The table below outlines some key points on why our new Rice Protein sets the benchmark! Do you know if your Rice Protein is meeting the standards? 

Punish Tip - Mix with room temperature water for a smooth easy to drink protein.

Comparison Table


Punish Natural Nutrition

Other Products



Claim 81%







Gluten Content

Punish Nutrition RP90 Is gluten free to Australian standards of less than 3ppm Not detected.

Other brands of rice protein claim gluten free but they in fact are claiming gluten free from overseas standards which are not gluten free in Australian standards. Overseas standards can say gluten free but it only has to be less than 20ppm or not even regulated.

Protein Levels

Punish Nutrition RP90 Protein levels are backed and governed and proven by Australian independant lab results.

Other brands are making false claims of protein readings. How can other companies claim over 80% protein when they by the raw product at 80% dry weight basis then add there artificial flavours, thickeners, artificial sweeteners, fillers etc and still say it is over 80%? Answer: They can't and are showing you false claims.

Artificial Ingredients

Punish Nutrition RP90 has no artificial flavours, No Atificial sweeteners, no Artificial colours and no fillers or thickeners.

Other companies add thickeners, fillers and artificial ingredients to make it cheaper for them to make more profit.